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Kripalu Yoga
Kripalu Yoga is a gentle, yet complete, yoga practice suitable for all, whether you are just starting a yoga practice or have practiced for many years.  All elements of yoga are taught in this class, including stretching, postures, breath work, and relaxation.  Explore the components of yoga while releasing tension and anxiety, focusing on sensations, and connecting with the body, mind, and spirit.  Kripalu Yoga allows you to tap into your inner-knowing, encouraging inward focus and spiritual attunement.  For more information on Kripalu Yoga, visit

Gentle Kripalu
A soothing, relaxing class, where the main emphasis is on letting go.  In this class we will explore stretching and gentle movements in our bodies.  Breath focus and relaxation techniques will allow connection of body, mind and spirit.  Seated and reclined floor postures will round out your practice nicely, an infusion of restorative yoga will complete the experience.

Intensive Flow Yoga
Experience the flow!  A fluidly moving practice, entwining postures with breath, taking your body to its outer limits, and experiencing a taste of yoga at its fullest.  Class is a continuous flow of posture sequencing, combined with steady deep breath and periodic longer holdings.  Abdominal/core work strengthen on all levels.  This class will heat up your body, still your mind, and thrill your senses.  Expect to sweat.  An exhilarating practice for the experienced yoga student.

Prenatal Yoga (see the prenatal page)

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Baby & Mom Yoga

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The 'Om' symbol represents the source of all manifest existence.  It is the eternal sound that reverberates throughout the entire universe.