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"After you have children, you enter into the unknown everyday.  Be like a river.  Be ever present and flowing."  ~Gurmukh Khalsa


Baby and Mom Yoga Class will gently begin to strengthen your body in a gradual and effective way, while lifting your spirits as you learn to take life one moment at a time.  Enjoy your new bundle of joy while making time for yourself and sharing your experiences with other post-natal moms.  This practice will include safe and gentle yoga postures and stretching as you reconnect with yourself inwardly.  You will learn to restore your core alignment, strengthen and reconnect with abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor.  Breath and relaxation techniques are also explored to relieve the tensions of being a new mom.  This class also includes ways to stimulate your baby's natural reflexes, basic motor skills and vision, as Mom and baby interact and play.


Baby and Mom Yoga Class is a delightful blend of yoga, play, breath, and relaxation for Mom and her older baby.  In this class baby and Mom will explore play together and with other babies of the same age.  Baby will experience interactive yoga with Mom, and Mom will practice yoga and stretching herself so she can continue to stretch and strengthen in this supportive and nurturing environment.



Benefits of Baby and Mom Yoga
~Support for your changing life
~Stretching and strengthening for the needs of the new mother, whether baby was delivered naturally or by cesarean
~Regain flexibility and acceptance of your body
~Connect with breath, thoughts, emotions and physical sensation
~Learn to trust your physical instincts and intuitive wisdom
~Foster consciousness of how you care for yourself
~Skills to achieve relaxation and still your mind
~Encourages improvisational play with your baby
~Lends a soothing environment for babies to interact with their moms and sometimes each other
~Stimulates your baby's natural reflexes, basic motor skills and vision


Mom and Me Yoga
A special class designed for children ages 2-5 years old accompanied by a parent/adult. We will explore our bodies through organic movement, stretching and postures all introduced in the element of creative play and games. You are invited to come play and interact with your youngster(s).  Class runs once a month, usually the 3rd Friday of the month, call for availability and date/time.

* Melissa Little has taught Baby and Mom yoga since 2004, offering support and an open ear to hundreds of woman as they journey together through motherhood.  Melissa is the mother of three adult daughters.  She continues to support her work by continually educating herself through books, and attending professional workshops and trainings.

"Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child."  ~Ron Wild